Roadtrip to ad:tech Chicago


After being in business for almost 2 years, we have recently decided to get our team out in the field more often to meet the readers, advertisers and partners that help make Search Marketing Standard a reality. Thus, in the 2nd part of the year, our staff will be hitting the conference circuit across America starting with ad:tech Chicago next week.

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So, if you are in the Chicago area – or better yet, actually attending the event, we invite you buy clomid Tadacip for sale, acquire clomid. to stop by our shiny new booth (#519) and say Hello! You can get a free subscription to the magazine, tell our editor-in-chief everything you think about his work, and even get a mystery gift (still to be determined). And, of course, we’d love to meet you too!

We will also be exhibiting comments about our meds, comments about our meds, comments about our meds, comments about our meds, comments about our meds, comments about our meds. antibiotic order at SES San Jose on Aug 20-23 where we’ll be stalking a lot of the SEM Rock Stars with a video crew for our special edition of Video Interviews. But more on that later!


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  1. Quite a busy summer for search, no? We're sorry you won't be able to join us at our Pittsburgh internet marketing conference, but we appreciate your sending magazines over for our attendees. I've been reading it for a year now and have found value in each and every issue. Keep up the good work.

  2. Justin, Quite a busy summer indeed. Sorry we won't be able to make it to you guys, but got to fly out to San Jose in 2 weeks to exhibit at Search Engine Strategies. Hope your event goes well! Boris