Search Engine Conspiracy?

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Conspiracy theories are great – although some are just way off center; others I find hard to debate. I have met people who have spent considerable time conjuring up some ridiculous conspiracy plot that are more revealing of their psychological issues than of any possibly real scenario.

Nevertheless, the other day I overheard a conversation about Google and how advertisers will not use their Analytics or Optimizer products because of the “big brother” fear. At other buy apcalis times, I have heard website owners claim that Google wiped out their business overnight through some diabolical plot to support other “preferred’ websites.

Who knows…certainly I suppose undercurrents lurk mysteriously in the unknowns…it seems to be happening in politics lately where bribes, influences and other pressures force less than ethical decisions. But I am not sure I believe the big brother fear or the other conspiracy theories. The bigger you estrace without prescription order fucidin cream online. get the greater level of scrutiny you receive from governmental and watch dog groups.

For me, I’ll happily use Google Analytics , Optimizer and any other quality product they launch to make my clients more and more antibiotic order money and leave the conspiracy theorists to their own beliefs. What about you – do you believe in the conspiracies?

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  1. I've read a lot about the hoops people jump through to hide things from Google -- hiding Whois data, incorporating a company for each site, using different AdSense publisher IDs for each site, creating multiple Webmaster Tools accounts, etc. Being the lazy sort, I figured I'd take the opposite path and let Google see everything. And if there is a conspiracy, maybe Google will reward new sites of mine with a trust boost because previous sites have all been clean :-)