Search Marketing World On 10/24/06


Google has released Custom Search Engine, an addition to the existing Google Co-op service. Users are now able to build their own custom search engines and even customize them on their websites. This move effectively creates more ad space for Google and gives the company even more room to grow.

YPN redesigns its homepage.

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President Bush has turned out to be a Google Maps fan. Apparently, he spends his time looking at the satellite images of his ranch. When the situation in the world is so stable, why not do some googling, right? Maybe he should google ” buy sildalis how to get out of Iraq“…

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generic estrace canadian celebrex without prescription. Mozilla has released Firefox 2.0. This might not be directly related to SEM, but I am a big fan of Firefox browser and highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t made the switch yet.


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  1. Chris

    Good one on the President's googling habits ... LOL

    As for Firefox 2.0, that is good news for all. But why oh why have you not spoken about the release of I.E. 7.0 (tongue firmly planted in cheek)? Actually, 7.0 is very Firefox-like and looks to be a move up on Microsoft's part IMHO.

  2. Andrey Milyan

    I'm biased against Microsoft ;-)

    Actually, I didn't even try it. And after that horrific story with Danny Sullivan, I don't plan to.