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According to FT, Eric Schmidt has been busy trying to stop potential lawsuits against YouTube. Apparently, Schmidt met with CBS, Viacom, Time Warner, NBC Universal, News Corp and others, offering them millions in upfront payments for the right to broadcast their videos on YouTube legally. More here.

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What is also interesting is the fact that this might not only be a defensive move but an offensive one as well. By preventing possible lawsuits from materializing, Google might also be attacking competition. Other video sharing and search services don’t have the capital to protect themselves buy neurotin against lawsuits by giants like Time Warner and News Corp (at least most of them). While Google gets YouTube off the hook, potential lawsuits might have a crippling effect on the competition.

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In another development, TechCrunch reports that YouTube is planning to go mobile by the end of 2007.

acquire nolvadex Rand Fishkin shares his thoughts on how much SEO experts should be making. If you’re a SEM professional, take a look at his post and see how your salary stacks up.

Amazon has launched it’s own pay-per-click ad program, called Clickriver Ads. More on Clickz News.

MarketingSherpa announced today that it has be acquired by More at MarketingVOX.


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