Search Marketing World on 11/08/06

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MarketingVOX reports that Verizon is nearing the completion of the deal with YouTube, which will allow Verizon to distribute YouTube’s content through their VCast service. The deal should give Verizon a big boost in mobile entertainment services. In turn, YouTube will get a chance to go mobile possibly even sooner than expected.

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Google has made some changes to the Landing Page Quality Score. For information on this, see the berlin viagra. Google AdWords blog.

Via Link Building Blog, Text Link Ads has just been acquired by MediaWhiz, a New York based interactive agency. buy estrace online The current staff will be left intact and the office will be moved to New York, to join MediaWhiz headquarters.

Did you know form structure matters? Apparently, there is a way to optimize form structure for usability. Rand Fishkin has the inside scoop.

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This week we found out that Google is looking for a way into the newspaper ads market. Today, Intagra online, order zithromax. buy clomid Reuters confirms that Google is also pushing into radio ad space.


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