SEO In 30 Minutes Or Less: Leverage Facebook To Juice Up Your SEO Results


Marketers often treat SEO and Facebook as separate silos. However, there are many ways to leverage insights from one to generic dapoxetine improve results in the other.

In the time it takes to grab a cup of coffee at your local Starbucks, you could start identifying key data points from your Viagra Sublingual without prescription Facebook performance to drive future SEO results. First, look at the specific types of Facebook data that will be most useful to reference, and then examine the corresponding SEO applications.

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  • Start with your Facebook Wall.Ai?? If youai??i??re a Facebook Page Administrator, youai??i??ll immediately see the number of impressions and ai???Likesai??? on each post. Otherwise, dive into your Facebook Insights analytics data, available with just one click, and there you can find the number of comments per post as well.
  • Segment the content into different categories to identify trends.Ai?? If youai??i??re a real estate agent, for example, perhaps your posts spotlight available condos, open houses, home buying tips, promotions and target geographies.
  • Using one of many social media monitoring tools on the market, you should also review third-party mentions of your company or brand to determine whatai??i??s resonating. buy generic allese, buy generic allese, buy generic allese, buy generic allese, buy generic allese, buy generic allese.
  • Find your most popular posts. Is one type of content far outdistancing others?
  • Examine your Facebook tabs. You may have tabs for discussions, blogs, Twitter, videos, newsletter signups, promotions, contests, etc. Which tabs are generating the most views?
  • Consider your demographics. If youai??i??re getting comments and ai???Likesai??? from people outside of your priority populations, your Facebook activity isnai??i??t driving business. Discount any activities that are not generating the RIGHT audience.
  • Reference the website traffic levels from different types of Facebook content. Social media management tools offer this data, or check your web analytics.

In analyzing all of this Facebook data, identify the content thatai??i??s of greatest value to your business. And then leverage the insights to juice up your SEO results. For example:

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  • Blog ai??i?? Identify the most popular content thatai??i??s driving interest from the right target audience on Facebook, and use that information to write three new optimized blog entries. If you do this effectively, you can potentially secure external links to the content.
  • Press Release ai??i?? Brainstorm a new optimized press release. For example, if a real estate agency notices surging popularity in Facebook in a specific neighborhood, then showcase upcoming activities in that area.
  • Shareable Content ai??i?? Identify whatai??i??s worth sharing. If your contest on Facebook drew little interest, yet that downloadable eBook offered through your Facebook reveal sequence was a knock-out success, then try offering the eBook on your site or through credible third-party blogs to potentially gain external links. buy bentyl online
  • Language – Regardless of search volumes, speak to your audiences in THEIR language. That means that if you notice certain words, phrases or acronyms being repeated by your Facebook fans, try identifying a web page or planning a new page targeting such language. If search volumes are relatively low, it could just mean less competition for you to reach a highly targeted group.
  • Fans ai??i?? Identify your most active Facebook fans ai??i?? either through a social media monitoring tool or by browsing your Facebook Wall ai??i?? and proactively reach out to them. Offer them something valuable on a special page within your site and encourage them to share the link with their own connections.

Instead of viewing SEO and Facebook in separate silos, view them as insight platforms. With so much data at your fingertips through your Facebook buy bentyl Page, Facebook Insights, web analytics, and social media monitoring tools, you can leverage your findings to boost your SEO campaign in no time.

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  1. I would also like to mention the ability to use tracking in your Facbook page if you are using the iFrame

  2. I was guilty of treating Facebook and SEO as two, now i see they are one and hope to get more out of both. Thanks for posting. Neal