SEO In 30 Minutes Or Less: Leveraging The News

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What can you accomplish in 30 minutes? Respond to a few emails? Prepare spaghetti and buy apcalis cheapest online meatballs? Believe it or not, thata��s also enough time to leverage the news to improve your SEO visibility.

With so much real-time news all day, every day, and so many avenues for you to produce content, consider using current news in your SEO efforts.A� Todaya��s 24/7 news cycle provides ample buy valtrex opportunities to leverage relevant a�?news hooksa�? for your business. Ita��s easier than you think to schedule 30-minute blocks for these efforts.

Be aware that this initiative should be looked upon for incremental SEO visibility; it should not serve as the foundation of your SEO efforts. In fact, the boost to your visibility may be temporary, with spikes relating to certain a�?in demanda�? keywords.A� However, getting out in front of the pack on specific news items allows you to buy cipro rank well for a specific period when interest is suddenly high.

Leveraging the news is a chance to be opportunistic. In addition to SEO benefits, when timed a�� and positioned a�� correctly, media may start turning to you as an expert for stories about this topic or industry.A� Manage the opportunities well and your content can multiply even further.

1. Put a Stake in the Ground

First, decide where buying viagra in ontario. you can win. Whata��s your area of expertise? What topics should you a�?owna�??

2. Monitor Keywords

Track specific keywords related acquire dapoxetine, acquire lioresal. to your expertise, whether ita��s a�?social media marketinga�? or a�?brain surgery.a�? Monitor your core keywords through tools such as Google Alerts, or Configure the results to be delivered via a feed, and then add the feeds to Google Reader. You can also save your keyword searches in Twitter for easy access.

3. Make Pop Culture Pop for You

Take a few minutes to identify any pop culture themes that you can leverage. Sift through a news site, Twitter, and Twitter trends tools such as,, or Is there anything relevant that you can tie to your industry? Can you offer a unique perspective, explanation or solution?

Barbara Corcoran, founder of real estate giant The Corcoran Group, made news when then-pregnant Madonna announced she was looking for a new home.A� Corcoran immediately distributed a checklist of what Madonna would need in a new home for her growing family, and the media took notice. In fact, only two hours after distributing her recommendations, Corcoran was in a CNN studio, discussing her expertise with a worldwide audience. As Corcoran demonstrated, leveraging pop culture can be powerful stuff.

4. Schedule

Define a schedule when generic doxycycline youa��ll review the news. Be efficient with your time, spending no more than five minutes of your 30-minute block reviewing the headlines and deciding what, if anything, youa��ll leverage.

5. Distribute

Each time you identify something to cover, youa��ll have plenty of options for producing and distributing the content in 25 minutes or less. You can write a quick blog post, update Facebook and Twitter, or record a 30-second video.A� In addition to SEO, you can also boost your PR efforts with a short, compelling optimized press release to share with relevant media contacts. Post your content to social sharing sites like Google+, BizSugar and Bloomberga��s Business Exchange, nolvadex cheap as well.

Be Newsworthy and Be More Visible

By following these five simple steps, youa��ll increase your Viagra Jelly cheap visibility on relevant, timely topics and reinforce your expertise on a particular subject or industry. This strategy takes only 30-minute chunks of your time.A� So block off a half hour and have at it! (You can make spaghetti and meatballs another time.)

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