SEO In 30 Minutes Or Less: Leveraging Twitter, Tweets & The Twitterverse

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Twitter is a useful social media tool that serves many purposes for your business. You can leverage Twitter to drive awareness of new content, announce promotions or new products, demonstrate your expertise, connect with PR contacts in your industry, buy zoloft online etc. The potential uses are innumerable.Ai?? But did you know that you can also be leveraging Twitter to boost your SEO results?

Here are five specific methods for extracting goodness from antibiotic cheapest Twitter, Tweets and the Twitterverse to benefit your visibility on the search engine results pages:

1. Follow Authorities

Spend a few minutes adding a number of thought leaders in your industry to ai???Followai??? on Twitter. Both Google and Bing have confirmed to Danny Sullivan that being retweeted by authoritative sources purchase Antabuse can help your SEO performance. And the more authorities youai??i??re Following, the greater probability that youai??i??ll be Followed in return and that your Tweets will be picked up and retweeted.

2. Post Keyword-Focused Tweets

It only makes sense that if you are targeting specific keywords for SEO, you carry that over into some of your Tweets. You should be careful not to overdo it, but occasionally sprinkling in a targeted SEO keyword frontloaded at the beginning of your Tweets helps you maintain consistency in your marketing communications. The search engines do include buy viagra Tweets in their results, depending on the query, so this can increase your relevance and opportunities for search engine visibility.

3. Leverage Trends

Check out the latest trends. Whatai??i??s hot? What are folks talking about? There are various tools for uncovering Twitter trends, including,,,,, and many more. Identify zovirax 800. a trend related to your expertise, and decide on a new blog post that you can crank out today to help you ride the wave of interest. Be sure to write something unique, using your own keen insights to give yourself the best chance of attracting attention.

4. Analyze Retweets & Traffic

Take a look at your Twitter stats. Which Tweets are being retweeted? And which Tweets are driving the most traffic to your website, blog or landing page? What specific words or writing style in the Tweets compelled folks to take interest? Or was it the topic? Once the most popular Tweets have been identified, Female Viagra purchase write down three related blog posts or other types of content that youai??i??ll create to augment your content in this area.

5. Ask & Answer

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Take five minutes to brainstorm at least one new way that youai??i??ll leverage Twitter this week to uncover your target audienceai??i??s most pressing interests. This can be in the form of a Twitter question, poll, direct message, order Malegra DXT online cheap, buy Zoloft. contest, or screaming cry for help. According to InboxQ, one-third of all Twitter account holders with at least 100 Followers never ask questions via the micro-blogging platform. What a lost opportunity! Instead, leverage these insights from your audience to guide your content development ai??i?? what are their pain points, what do they want and need, what questions do they have. And flip the equation. Sign up for a tool such as InboxQ to notify you when folks have questions related to your area of expertise. The more you help solve othersai??i?? problems, the more they will tell others about you, reinforcing your position as an authoritative source.

So you can see, it wonai??i??t take up a huge chunk of your day to identify specific ways to gain SEO juice from your Twitter activities and insights. In fact, you can accomplish this in 30 minutes or less ai??i?? about the time it would take you to prepare and eat a breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon. Now thatai??i??s something buy bactrim online to Tweet about!


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