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Stephan Spencer with Netconcepts kicked off the session by providing an overview of the fundamentals of blog optimization. Overall, optimizing blogs requires the same SEO fundamentals as it would for standard CMS-based Web sites. The minor differences include the need and generic valtrex ability to optimize a variety of page elements individually or en masse, including URLs and/or titles for blog categories, pages and posts. He also emphasized the need for optimized anchor text for links. Also create an abstract associated with the permalink/post, as they are ideal for RSS syndication. Lastly, Spencer suggested creating sticky a�?evergreena�? posts at the top of the blog, as well as the author profile pages, both loaded with keyword-rich content and links.


Rick Klau with FeedBurner provided high level and detailed recommendations on optimizing feeds. He reminded us how feeds have evolved over the past few yearsa��from blogs & RSS to video blogs, podcasts, applications (Yahoo! Pipes), e-retailers, publications and Web services. FeedBurnera��s TotalStats allows tracking by feed/source to help measure the readership. Klau reminded buy neurotin us to correctly configure auto-discovery for blogs/posts to simplify the subscription process and accelerate deliverability of feeds for spiders and subscribers. He also suggested automating the a�?pinga�? feature to remind feeds & spiders of new posts. Similarly to the video optimization session yesterday, Klau suggested embedding descriptive and relevant keywords for all a�?show notesa�? including title and description.

Sally Falkow with Expansion Plus shared her long-time a�?shielding creama�? case study do demonstrate the power of content syndication for improving organic search visibility. Greg Jarboe with SEO-PR provided a newer case study for His study illustrated the power of a comprehensive blog strategy (15 topic-based blogs peripheral Viagra Sublingual buy to the ticket marketplace). From a content perspective, 15 underpaid writers packaged unique data from to provide the readers with interesting news (top 10 concert tickets, price ranges by artist, etc.). Combining fundamental SEO and online PR strategies with advanced blogging techniques resulted in tons of visibility in the form of top rankings, inbound links and general buzz. In the process, he reminded us of the influence a blogroll has on ita��s credibility in search results. eBaya��s purchase of didna��t benefited Greg as much as he would have liked, but Ia��m sure it will come back to him long term.

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  1. Gary Horn

    How can I obtain copies of the case studies mnetioned in the kent lewis article SEO through blogs and feeds?

  2. Thanks for getting in touch with us, Gary. I hope those presentations are what you were looking for.

  3. I am new in the field of SEO. But many of my friends thought that it has no future at all. Though they are web designers. But as i read many articles online and i think that this field has a very bright future. I know web designing and want to progress here. How could i be able to know that i am going in the right direction ?

  4. Articles also play some part in internet marketing. As articles are read by visitors there are more chances for visitors coming to the sites. Articles should be relevant to the theme of the site

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