SES San Jose Day 2 – Images & Search Engines

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We all know that as images are combined more and more with regular SERPS, image optimization is even more critical than ever before. Sure, we optimize images with alt tags and proper naming, but this session went deeper into what else is important while optimizing images for rankings and traffic.

Shari Thurow, Founder and CEO of Omni Marketing Interactive gave a great overview of Sildalis buy online, zithromax online. image optimization. She said that image search is the second most popular type of search and that 16% of all searches are for images. Sharia��s tips on image optimization were to include keywords in the file name, alt tag, hyperlinks to and from image, and captions surrounding the image, and ensuring that you dona��t use stop words while doing so. She also made a great point to make sure that your image folder is crawlable a�� shea��s had this problem with new clients.

Li Evans, Search Marketing Manager at Commerce360 reminded atarax without prescription us of why image optimization is important when managing your online reputation. This is something our agency has done with clients in the B2B space and B2C alike. Everyone should think about how their reputation is presented through such images. She gave some funny examples of Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney, which you should check out for yourself. Aside from reputation management opportunities, images should be included in shopping feeds, sitemap feeds, and press releases as well.

Chris Smith, Lead Search Strategist at Netconcepts covered the basics as well, and then dove into how to optimize with Flickr, since thata��s the site that offers the most comprehensive optimizing tools. He talked about the importance of utilizing the unique titles and descriptions, tagging the image with keywords, making them publically viewable, geotagging the picture if applicable, and creating thematic buy motilium albums. Chris said that Flickr isna��t just for B2C companies, but that B2B companies should use it to show steps in manufacturing processes or problem and solutions, for example.

Last up was Cris Pierry from Yahoo and James Jeude from They both viagra purchase reminded the audience on the first step of optimization is creating quality images. Also, to make sure the image is unique.

Thata��s about it for modgavil. this session.


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