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Although we’d all like to take in as many of the excellent conferences held each year, travel is sometimes tough to fit into a busy schedule. Over the last couple of years, some excellent online conferences have become available. One that Search Marketing Standard is pleased to partner with is the AdWords Advantage Online Seminar, to be held this year from May 10-19. There’s still time to save 50% with our special partnership link. If you work with AdWords, this is an event you should consider attending. Here’s more information:

Do you want to improve your AdWords campaign ROI and take your profits to the next level? Then you cana��t afford to miss the AdWords Advantage Online Seminar (May 10-19, 2011) to learn the latest from the AdWords experts a�� during 18 online classes youa��ll learn mission critical pay per click secrets to success. Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Attend and How You Can Learn the Most Effective AdWords Strategies to Maximize Your ROIa��

The AdWords Advantage experts include the industrya��s best: Craig Danuloff, David Szetela, Dennis Yu, Fred Vallaeya��s, Justin Cutroni, Kevin Lee and many more. These experts will help you learn the quickest ways to get ahead of your AdWords competition with improved website rankings, better Quality Score and lower keyword Cost-Per-Click.

Top 10 Reasons to Attend the AdWords Advantage Online Seminar, Youa��ll Learn How to:

1.A� Setup an effective AdWords campaign and grow your business
2.A� Apply proven PPC techniques that yield higher conversions
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4.A� Personalize your keywords to meet the needs of your specific market
5.A� Utilize the top tools and solutions to save time and cut ad costs viagra from lloyds chemists.
6.A� Control costs and improve conversions on content campaigns
7.A� Optimize AdWords and track your campaigns using Google Analytics buy Sertraline
8.A� Develop an effective AdWords and Social Media marketing plan
9.A� Improve your Quality Score and combat costly mistakes
10.A� Properly measure AdWords beyond the last click

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This is a great training seminar for all marketers who want to grow their business using AdWords. You can reserve your spot and Save 50% Now!

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