The Silver Lining of 3 Blackhat Marketing Concepts

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I have written a few pages for ppc arbitrage sites for a buddy, but beyond that I’m pretty much a pretty squeaky clean marketer as buy apcalis far as my current practices go. I’m out to make money as I bring more value to the space I work in.

In my marketing-through-forum-participation for a client right now I’m miles away from the kind of lone cowboy stuff – one person against the algorithm armed only with ingenuity – that I order doxycycline enjoy reading about.

Several posts today caught my attention, all of them from the spammier side of the tracks. They’re all important to my micro-business side, but they didn’t apply to my immediate tasks…

So here are my thoughts based on these posts – the silver lining from some seriously smart black hat tactics.

1) Yahoo Answers.

Earners blog talks about answering questions from Yahoo Answers with responses that are affiliate links. This is a great idea and of course strictly against Yahoo’s terms of service.

Here’s how I would alter this concept (though reduce its short term profitability)…

Answer questions in Yahoo. Blog about the questions you answer and link out to them. Link back to the Q/A section of your blog from the answers you give in Vigora buy online, dapoxetine online. Yahoo Answers.

This builds blog traffic Viagra Professional buy and increases your brand’s expertise. Questions are what makes the web go round and I strongly believe that if you give me a good string of questions from any market I can help build a business around them.

2) Militant Marketing Redundancy
Quadszilla’s been blowing up in terms of his writing style. I recently linked to his rousing ode to marketers seizing the day.

Today it’s his portrait of an AdSense spammer that has me linking, but more importantly the lessons Quadszilla drew from this guy getting cut from $60k a month to 0.

Here’s the key portion of his post:
“Even if you love Adsense, you should never have all your sites under the same Adsense code. Multiple Adsense Accounts + other PPC Engines + Affiliate Revenue makes it so that a hit to any one of your supply lines does not cause a total system failure.”

And here’s what I, in marketer mode, take from that.

Keep working on great posts for my client’s blog, but be sure that you have a plan to turn posts into articles, and have a good distribution list for these articles including article directories and can i get cephalexin over the counter. relevant social media spots.

Further, keep working on the link bait idea you started yesterday after reading Andy Hagan’s great piece on link baiting. How can your blog posts and articles feed bits of content into the larger link bait project?

3) “Where people run into problems with spamming is scalability.”

This (from Aaron Wall) is true of the kind of marketing I’m doing now too – forum participation, answering questions, and writing/distributing blog posts, articles and link bait. In my case it’s not about scaling, but about coming to identify the most effective and efficient usage of my time doing each activity.


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