Six Top SEO Tips Straight From The Horse’s (Google’s) Mouth – Part 2

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Google recently revealed six things that it encourages all webmasters to include as part of their SEO work. While these six tips alone wonai??i??t be enough to transform a site with poor rankings into a chart topper, they can form the basis for more fundamental strategy changes. Each idea can buy clomid online without prescription, clomid online. also be developed further and rolled out into every corner of your online marketing activity.

The first three tips were covered in yesterday’s post. Today we look at the final three tips revealed by the search engine and examine how they can be deployed in your own SEO activity.

Googleai??i??s #4 SEO Tip: Be Contactable

In the last 12 months Google has made a number of changes to its Webmaster Tools area. One of these changes is improved notifications if something is amiss with the site. In order to be kept up to date and receive notifications of problems instantly, Google advises all webmasters to make use of its email forwarding function.

Quickly logging into your Webmaster Tools and updating your contact information is the work of minutes but can make a big difference and save a lot of time should your site fall foul of Viagra Professional without prescription Google quality guidelines. Providing your email address allows Google to notify you of points such as software updates or if it has noticed errors including spam or abused user-generated content, abused forum pages or high amounts of spam-based content on forum pages on your site or suspected hacking on your website. Being aware of these issues as they occur gives you a chance to put them right before your site is penalized or blocked from the search engine results pages.

Googleai??i??s #5 SEO Tip: Build A Buzz

Building a buzz about your site is easier said than done, but itai??i??s essential to build natural backlinks. Google recommends time and resources be used on building natural links, +1 votes and social media follows as an inherent part of your optimization strategy. Ai??The search engine ai???s Developer Programs Tech Lead Maile Ohye says, ai??? Female Viagra online In every business there’s something compelling, interesting, entertaining, or surprising that you can offer or share with your users. Provide a helpful service, tell fun stories, paint a vivid picture and users will share and reshare your

Before you can put this plan into action, make sure you have Facebook Share, Tweet, Pinterest and +1 pins on every page of your site. Each social network provides the code so you can simply copy and paste. Even if your content isnai??i??t particularly buy lisinopril ground breaking, making it easy for readers to share it and link to it takes 50% of the workload from your desk.

Googleai??i??s #6 SEO Tip: Stay Fresh and Relevant alli 60mg, alli 60mg, alli 60mg, alli 60mg, alli 60mg, alli 60mg.

Googleai??i??s sixth SEO tip is really the holy grail of search engine marketing. If you can keep your site and its content fresh and relevant, a lot of the hard work entailed in getting your site ranking highly for your specified keywords will simply melt away.

As part of this tip, Google recommends webmasters consider how their users interact with the website ai??i?? which may call for more social media channels or a great cialis online discount mobile website for customers that are usually on the go or commute to meetings or events regularly.

Fresh, relevant and purchase valtrex useful content will also paint a picture of your organization as a thought leader, a capable partner and a truly great resource. All of these are characteristics that will build buzz, links and goodwill.

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For those of you who want more details, here is the video cialis providers. released by Google which also covers five of the most common SEO mistakes.


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