SOBCon (Successful Online Business)

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Title: SOBCon (Successful Online Business)

Location: Chicago, IL

Visit Conference Site: Click here

Description: SOBCon 2011 Chicago: Building the New Loyalty & Leadership Business

“It’s official. While there are still some surprises to come, SOBCon 2011 Chicago has taken shape, and wea��re excited to share the results. The faculty for SOBCon 2011 are more than talking heads. They are the advocates and practitioners who have demonstrated real and measurable results for what they’ll share in Chicago.

* Cathy Brooks, CEO, Story Navigation
* Derek Halpern, CEO. Social Triggers
* Liz Strauss, Co-Founder. SOBCon, Successful-Blog
* Jay Jay French, Co-Founder Twisted Sister
* Sharon Gitelle, Director of Strategy and eCommerce,
* Carol Roth, Business Strategist, Deal Maker, Author of the Entrepreneur Equation, CEO of IntercapMP
* Terry Starbucker, Co-Founder. SOBCon, Ramblings from a Glass Half Full”

Date: April 28, 2011 through May 2, 2011

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