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Spark User Engagement On WordPress With Highlighter

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Synopsis — With so many WordPress plugins available for download, it can be difficult sometimes to choose the right one for the task at hand. If you are looking for ways to encourage user engagement on your blog, a plugin called Highlighter may be just what you’re looking for. This quick look at the strong points Highlighter brings to bear on the comment function of your blog, as well as the simplification of your social networking efforts, will convince you that it’s a welcome addition to improving the conversation between you and your readers.

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Spark User Engagement On WordPress With Highlighter

The name of the game in todayai??i??s online marketing is user engagement. Paying close attention to the interaction development state of the design process is a great start, but user engagement doesnai??i??t stop there. If you run a blog, adding commenting and social networking features can foster great conversations between you and your readers. Sadly, traditional blog Viagra soft FRUIT buy online, order clomid. interaction methods suffer from poor interactions.

Highlighter, a recently released, free WordPress plugin is good news for all blog owners who are keen on improving their visitorsai??i?? experience and getting them more engaged. It is bundled with very useful features for expanding options to share and comment on inline content, including:

1.Ai?? Commenting By Highlighting Text

Users donai??i??t need to go to the end of the post to comment ai??i?? they can do so as they read, and their comments will be attached to the text they selected. These comments appear at the end of the post, too, but by giving readers this new option, you are buy Antabuse making your conversation with them even more tangible.

2.Ai?? Sharing By Highlighting Text can you get high off etodolac 400 mg.

Social networking will be specifically simplified with the help of this plugin since the need of copying and pasting selected Brand Viagra buy parts of your content into, for example, Twitter, will be faster and more efficiently done. Highlighter will automatically fill out a new social network post with the phrase that has been highlighted and the URL of the web page it came from.

You can watch the video at the projectai??i??s website ( for more detailed information on how to install and customize Highlighter.

Aside from the plethora of features, Highlighter could actually replace the need for other social media plugins and simplify the look of your user interface overall. It will, of course, depend on your personal needs, but one thing is for sure ai??i?? the conversation happening between you and buy cialis black your readers will be far more insightful and valuable, and itai??i??ll come closer to being a real conversation after all.

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