Split Testing and Your SEM Campaigns

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Split testing is something that everyone should be doing but, unfortunately, very few do. Split testing your ad copy and landing pages is crucial to the success of your pay-per-click campaigns. It is amazing how many companies do not take advantage of this simple way to improve the conversions of their ads and landing pages. So what is split testing and nolvadex without prescription how should you go about implementing it into your search engine marketing campaigns?

What is split testing?
Split testing is the process of testing your ad copy and/or your landing pages (as well as the combination of those) against each other. The most successful ones are left alone (or not) and the ones that are not converting as well are tweaked. There is virtually no finish line for this process; in fact, you should update and change ads and landing pages that are not performing to your liking continuously.

How should split testing be implemented?
Basic A/B split testing can be easily implemented. If you are looking to test different ad copy, many pay-per-click search engines, including Google AdWords, will help you with that by automating the process.

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Split testing landing pages is a little trickier and may require third party applications/services. Some of the tools for split testing that look promising are Vertster.com, Sitepect.com and OfferMatica.com. Most of these tools will let you split test your ad copy and landing pages simultaneously and organize your statistics.

An important thing to remember when split testing your ad copy and/or landing pages is not to change more than one variable at a time; doing so buy clomid buy Intagra, Zoloft withoutprescription. nolvadex online will prevent you from knowing what exactly created the improvement or drop in conversions.


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