StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery Made Easier So You Don’t Stumble

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StumbleUponai??i??s attraction is its position as a portal buy Viagra soft FRUIT online, acquire Zoloft. where one can kill time surfing the web, but trusting StumbleUpon to only show you sites that fit your chosen interest categories.

Not all advertisers have StumbleUpon on their radar as a potential option in their portfolio of online properties on which to consider placements. Itai??i??s true that the Paid Discovery campaigns here may not have as high a clickthrough rate (CTR), but the cost per click can be very attractive when compared to other properties. Ross Dunn wrote an article with some tips for advertising via StumbleUpon that expands on this.

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StumbleUpon has made two major changes recently to improve user experience with the creation and management of Paid Discovery campaigns. This action followed feedback received from advertisers over the past acquire zyban few months. So letai??i??s take a look at what those changes entail.

Paid Discovery campaigns are a way advertisers can target people with certain interests and bring do i need a prescription for periactin. them to their sites by paying for their site to be an item in one or more of the interest categories provided by StumbleUpon. With these campaigns, the need to come up with ad creative is irrelevant because the website is the ad.

First, the process of creating a campaign has been simplified and is easier to follow. There is now a step-by-step walkthrough where the procedure is laid out in a more straightforward manner to improve interaction. A six-step process buy bentyl online now is used to begin a campaign — Start, Demographics, Location, Devices, Interests and Finish).


The way pricing is handled with campaigns has also been improved by adding more flexibility. StumbleUpon has implemented a ai???sliderai??? which can buy malegra be used to adjust a campaignai??i??s cost by sliding the bar towards higher or lower prices. A recommended price will also now be shown that will be ai???based on available In this way, advertisers will be better able to optimize the price they pay for Paid Discovery campaigns by being provided with more of an apples-to-apples comparison.


StumbleUpon has made these changes based on customer feedback. Itai??i??s a good sign that they appear to be listening to, and engaging with, advertisers so that they will keep evolving based on what advertisers need to be successful in their campaigns. Given the relatively low cost-per-click pricing at the property, Brand Viagra order it may be one alternative you need to start looking into.

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