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Today’s post will be short. I’m Red Viagra order sorry.

I just read Andy Hagan’s massive link bait article cafergot. and I’ve got some link bait to create.

Further, Carsten Cumbrowski wrote New Google Webmaster Tools and Tools for those new Tools. So I’ll be busy checking backlinks for our client sites.

Yup it’s gonna be a busy day.

Especially since I HAVE to rewatch this video from Aaron Wall: order zoloft What is a Self Reinforcing Authority (and a Self Reinforcing Market Position)? SEO Book Keyword Research Tutorial Video.

And how I long for the luxury to write a long post on how Google’s new video layout looks so dang much like YouTube.Because it’s gonna be awhile until I can sit and think deep thoughts since I’ve got to catch up on ShoeMoney’s interview with AdSense product manager Brian Axe.

And when I’m done with that I’ve got to read Power Indexing by BlueHat SEO, a continuing series on how to make enormous stacks of cash online. Much buy zoloft buy tablets India.
Neato! I’ll close with a video I have scheduled to watch in early March, so long as no one else writes great content between now and then… it’s another from Aaron Wall.

While searching for more [Zack Galifianakis] I noticed that there are YouTube clips appearing in the top results for his name (second spot).

What does this mean? Well, not much considering I wasn’t looking closely for buy npxl YouTube/Google integrations until this morning when I noticed the Google Video new look as I mentioned above :)

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  1. Andrey Milyan


    I think you've mixed up the videos. The top one is a tutorial on SEO Book Keyword Research tool while the bottom one is actually the video on Self Reinforcing Authority.


  2. Garrett French

    switched... thanks for the catch Andrey.