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Write Better Pay-Per-Click Ad Text

If you’re already a pay-per-click advertiser, you will (hopefully) know the importance of writing good ad text. Knowing this and then being able to take an objective view of your current text is a big ask.

Webrageous Studios

Webrageous StudiosDoes pay for performance PPC management sound appealing? How about best in class PPC management with no long-term commitment? We can take over your PPC campaigns and we won’t charge a dime until we can increase your leads or sales, or decrease your cost per conversion.

Panning for Keyword Gold

I think all marketers and business owners understand the value of keyword selection. Obviously, paid search is all about “buying keywords.” However, keyword selection plays…

Is Quality Score Recession-Proof?

Back in 2006, when Google announced the “Quality Score” initiative, Google’s advertising revenue growth seemed unstoppable. Penalizing a few rogue advertisers (‘rogue’ being mainly defined…