The Crystal Ball To Higher Online Product Sales


Look inside your website and youa��ll see a major issue hiding the path to more online sales: product merchandise. But I rarely hear my ecommerce colleagues talk about merchandising, or ways to improve merchandise doxycycline reviews turnover, called merchandise productivity.

Why? Ita��s boring.

When you focus here, you can increase inventory turn time, maximize margins and save money with your inventory decisions and marketing costs. Ia��ve always felt if youa��re good at merchandising decisionsa��really good at ita��then your marketing doesna��t need to work as hard. A�And if youa��re poor at merchandising decisions, well, youa��ll end up spending more money on marketing to chase sales.A� So less budget spend is certainly one benefit. But opportunity costs is the biggest win, as you can devote more resource to other initiatives aimed at growing buy paxil new segments or channels.

Effective online cheap Sertraline merchandising also saves you wasting efforts and being reactive, because youa��re basing your marketing decisions on real product movement living within the sales data youa��re collecting. A�But are you studying this product movement closely? Focusing on merchandise productivity at the product level affects everyone and everything in your company.

Remember, there are two basic ways to grow sales:A� acquire more new customers or improve your merchandise turnover, called merchandise productivity.A�A� Each involves different approaches. A�But no sildenafil withoutprescription, generic lioresal. one talks about ecommerce merchandising because ita��s not sexy like m-commerce.

If you think this role is relegated to your Operations staffa��think again. As a seasoned online marketer, Ia��ve begun to recognize the growing importance that the impact of good (and bad) merchandising decisions have to ecommerce sales.A� I was first exposed to this on the print side of mail order in the 1990s with offline marketing related to square inch analysis: measuring the productivity (sales & profit) on the pages of the space (sq. in.) allocated to the product. Talk about data! I Viagra Sublingual order learned to be careful to not get caught in minutia and never forget to focus on whether productivity turns are a true indicator of customer demand or otherwise.

So what are ways to increase your online merchandise productivity?

1. Focus on your high trafficked pages, including category and product pages.

Since the majority of all online traffic will hit a category or product page, testing is required. You can easily see wins with your merchandising decisions through optimization and testing gains. Brand Viagra online Ita��s hard work and requires focus and a passion for testing, but the upside is huge.

2.A� Get clear on your merchandising strategy.

Walmart defines their merchandising strategy this way: viarga purchase. Operate for less, buy for less, sell for less, grow sales. Thata��s it, simple! And this a�?productivity loopa�?, as they call it, affects all levels of the organization with their merchandising focus driven by data a�� not gut or instinct, or rehashed opinions.

3.A� Know your sales-to-stock figure and set acceptable ratios by watching your data.

Sales-to-stock ratio means net sales (margin dollars) divided by average dollar investment you make in that inventory.A� Obviously you want to keep this as low as possible (within reason), so cash isna��t tied in inventory but it cana��t be buy cialis black so low that you impact product availability. This ratio is NEVER a static number due to retail trends and seasonality of your selling calendar.

4.A� Focus on what matters.

Real-time data gives you (or your Operations people) the ability to respond to changes in customer demand. It lets you focus on smarter marketing and cut the amount you pay for inventory without out-of-stock scenarios occurring in your warehouse. A�It also helps you position products on pages (and higher up) more rapidly where people want them, adding to a friction-free user shopping experience.

5.A� Create great products.

Easier said than done! This isna��t just about product development. Perhaps you can bundle a product, create a product kit, or otherwise take an average performing product and associate other products with it thereby turning it from a dog to above average performer.

Merchandising productivity and product associations arena��t something you hear many ecommerce execs talk about, but dona��t underestimate the importance!A� Ita��s an extremely valuable and winning approach to growing your online sales.

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Daryl Logullo is a 13-year veteran of D2C and B2C retail ecommerce. He is currently leading a world class ecommerce team at Kellyco Metal Detectors, the world's largest metal detector superstore for outdoor hobbyists and enthusiasts, including gold, silver, treasure and relic hunters, located in the Orlando, FL.

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  1. Great post. I'm thinking of launching an ebook, so I'll probably come back to this page in the future.

  2. This sounds to me like just another method of boosting website conversion rates. Would you say that is pretty accurate? I think that converting visitors as a whole gets less attention than it deserves but you did a great job of covering it here.