The Skinny On Google’s Advertising Revenues For 2011

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Google had revenues of $37.9 billion in 2011. Of that total, almost doxycyclin order all (96%) came from advertising revenues.

The following infographic from WordStream antibiotic purchase (thanks to Wordstream for preparing this!) breaks that number down into the top 10 industries that provided Google with 60% of that ad revenue. It further identifies the top five brand names in each of the 10 categories and gives examples of popular keyword searches and the cost per click for those words/phrases.

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Take a look for some very intriguing hard data on actual spending on online advertising and scope out where the industry your business is order clomid, purchase clomid. buy cialis involved in sits in the hierarchy.

Click the infographic to enlarge.

order Lasix What Industries Contributed to Google's Billion in Revenues? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ai?? WordStream, Provider of AdWords solutions.

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