The Women of Internet Marketing: Fall Issue of Search Marketing Standard

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We are in the final stages of preparation of the Fall issue of Search Marketing Standard magazine, and it’s a very special edition. We decided quite awhile nolvadex buy ago to feature some of the talented women who are involved in Internet marketing as the theme of this upcoming issue, and have had a great time putting together submissions from a variety of female practitioners. In general, we think of Internet marketing as an arena dominated by men, but that is a huge misconception. Everywhere you look, there are exceptional women who are making enormous contributions to the field and to their clients.

Here are some of buy malegra the fantastic articles you will be able to read as a subscriber to Search Marketing Standard:

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If you are not yet a subscriber to Search Marketing Standard, there is still about a week to sign up and receive the Fall issue. If we receive your payment by August 25, 2011, you will be included in the circulation list for this very special issue on The Women of Internet Marketing. Details on subscribing can be found here (complete with coupon code!), and the actual sign up page is buy apcalis cheapest online here.


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