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The need to understand what triggers a particular sale is at the top of the list for any B2B company, large or small. Most web analytics solutions on the market today can only track the “last click,” meaning the last viagra without prescription action that led to a sale. Very few smaller B2B companies track multiple points of influence on their marketing campaigns.

In this report, Business.com offers some findings from its recent survey of over 27,000 B2B websites assessing the buy apcalis use of advanced web analytics and how different analytics solutions lead to different campaign results. Some of the findings discussed include:

  • Different analytics solutions employed by B2B companies.
  • How different types of analytics software lead to different results.
  • Potential solutions to the B2B web analytics “black box.”

In many ways, today’s web analytics solutions are still in their infancy. Most still track the “last click” without regard for other influences that might have led to a sale. Thus, it is important to be on top of the latest advances in analytics software and approach your marketing campaigns from a more holistic perspective, taking into purchase sildenafil, purchase lioresal how do u get presribed viagra. . order Sertraline account that a sale is a process, not an event.

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