Using YouTube’s App For Google+ Hangouts

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Does your business require you to watch videos in a group setting with cheap paroxetine online, buy clomid online. team members? If so, youa��re in luck, because Google just launched a new YouTube app that will allow you to watch videos with your team right in Hangouts, the group video chat feature that resides in Google+. While some suspect that this is just another one of many attempts to get more people to use its social network, the YouTube app for Google+ Hangouts could actually prove useful for social marketers.

Real-time Video Collaboration

Picture this scenario: you and the team are working on a project that involves viewing a series of videos. The problem is that your team members are scattered across the country and cana��t find a viable way to access the necessary content. Services like Dropbox and Google Apps are ideal for storing and sharing files, yet insufficient when it comes to video content buy lady era generic Lasix due to the size limitations of email attachments. The new YouTube app for Google+ Hangouts offers the perfect solution to this dilemma.

With the recently launched app, small teams can support most, if not all of their video collaboration needs. Users have the ability to create, manage, and save video playlists for viewing with team members right from a Hangouts session, which truly comes in handy Brand Viagra purchase when the moment calls for collaborating over a series of clips. Selections in any given playlist can easily be organized and arranged by anyone participating in the session, while the communication functionality of Hangouts allows them to actually share their thoughts. With a press of the a�?Push to talka�? button, individual team members can let everyone know what they think about the content in real-time.

Video Sharing Through Circles

The ability to share is one of the most important components of a collaboration system, and the YouTube app for Google+ Hangouts excels in this department. So if you have a great video that needs to be seen by people in your network that were not able to join the session for whatever lioresal online reason, you can easily do so by sharing the content in your Circles on Google+ at any time. And since you have the luxury to save your playlists, you can make sure that others are able to see the content when they finally do sign up for an account on the social network.

Getting Started

Taking advantage of the new app couldna��t be easier. Simply fire up a session in Google+ Hangouts as you normally would, and instruct all participants to load the YouTube application located at the top of the screen. Thata��s it. order npxl online From there, you are ready to enjoy the video collaboration experience.

Regardless of Googlea��s true intentions, the fact remains that the internet giant is continually putting an emphasis of making cialis paypal bezahlen. social sharing a convenient and valuable process. The introduction of the new YouTube app for Google+ Hangouts proves it, and not even the most sensitive of critics can devalue that.

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