7 Tips For Successful Video Optimization


If you havena��t yet thought about multimedia optimization, youa��re really missing a useful technique. Video and image optimization are great buy dapoxetine ways of exposing your brand and promoting your site to an audience that may otherwise never have found your product or services online.

The growth of video online is explosive, thanks in part to the YouTube phenomenon. In March of this year, comScore estimated that US internet users viewed 14.5 billion videos online, an increase of 11% from the previous month. Unsurprisingly, Google served the bulk of these requests, with a massive 41% market share (compared to the 3% of its nearest rival). To tap into these phenomenal audience figures, you need to consider optimizing your site for video search inclusion. Herea��s how:

1. Relevance

The cornerstone of any SEO-related activity is relevance. Your videos should be informative and impart useful information. For e-tailers, product demonstrations and how-to videos are the perfect solution.Any video uploaded to your site should fit neatly within your overall theme. Avoid videos that are too general, dona��t relate to the rest of your site buy cardura online cheap, zithromax without prescription. content, or are outdated.

2. Titles

How many times have you judged a book by its cover? Videos can also suffer the same fate. If your title is uninspiring, you risk losing visitors before theya��ve hit play. Think of your video title as the headline to that piece of content, and use it as cheap adhd medication from canada. a hook to get viewers to consume the content. As youa��re optimizing for SEO, you must also consider your keywords and ensure that relevant phrases are included where possible.

3. Tags

Appropriate tagging of videos is just as important as tagging of images and social media content. You can use tags on external sites such as YouTube to aid viewers searching for particular topics. Tags should be concise and accurate, with no more than 3-5 per video clip.

4. File Names

If youa��re going to host your video on your own site rather than upload to a third-party publisher, apply the same principles used in image optimization to your video filenames. Keep them short, in a human-readable format, and use keywords where possible.

5. Transcripts

Text is still the stalwart of optimization, with search engine bots able to glean an enormous amount of information from the written word. When uploading video to your site, the use of accompanying text will aid your progress toward overall optimization nolvadex cheap goals.

Placing each video on its own page means you will be able to surround the video player with relevant text. In addition to a description of the video, consider adding a full video transcript. Although this may take some time to do, particularly if you have more than a handful of video files, the use of text will give the search engines enough data to index and rank your video.

6. Use Your Video For Link Building

Video content makes great link building fodder. When steps 1-5 are complete, start looking off-page to make additional use of your video content. You can use your video in blogs, link back to it from bookmarking sites, and submit it to RSS. When building links, the same mainstream rules apply a�� use descriptive anchor text and link directly to the page on the site hosting your video.

7. Go Viral

Along with using your video in social media communities, you can cheap zoloft build additional interest by adopting a viral mindset. Allow users to rate the video on your own site and recommend to friends in order to generate peer to peer buzz. Viewers are attracted to videos that have good rankings or have received a vote of approval from their friends. If you decide to use this method to increase inbound links and number of views, make sure that your video is first branded to include your company logo, contact information, and website address.


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