“Website Positioning Strategy” = New School SEO?


I’ve long wondered what to tell people I do, buy Viagra Super Active online, purchase clomid. and even more, how to explain it on the phone to prospects :)

I sit somewhere between social media optimization and search engine optimization, knowing para que sirve el meloxicam 7.5 mg. that the community participation and coverage I do helps create content that resonates with my target market. And generates links. Oh yeah and search engine traffic.

A recent post from Emergence Media goes a long way towards a new definition, and comes as something of a relief…

He asserts that the primary “new school,” or Website Positioning Strategy areas of concentration are:

  1. Community Positioning
  2. Content Building based on Community Positioning
  3. Social Media Assessment
  4. Search Engine Positioning
  5. Greater Marketing/MarComm/PR Integration

When I was at MSI we shifted towards using the term “presence” to better define what we were going for, rather than rankings. Rankings can buy cipro mean traffic, but if you’re increasing traffic to a site that doesn’t convert or brand effectively then what’s the point?

What Emergence Media has put together here is a great starting point for a new definition of SEO, and it’s one of the first elaborate and systematic attempts I’ve seen thus far.

In short, he’s not content with calling what we do zyban without prescription “link bait” any more ;)

What do you think? Should we work Viagra Soft buy towards a new name for what we do since the practices have matured? Is SEO too confining?

Other Resources:

ClickInfluence assembled a bada$$ list of social media/new seo/pr bloggers. That’s where I found Emergence Media.

Yesterday I wrote on marketing in StumbleUpon, based on an interview I had with Garrett Camp.


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  1. Good Stuff. I talked about a related topic in my latest blog post called "Strategic Truth". http://thomascreekconcepts.com/ More of "New School" take on marketing in general. -T

  2. Hey Garrett, Thanks for your kind words. Coming from you that means a lot! Especially when I wrote that with such horrible grammar (it was a late night blogging). I'm pretty keen on fashioning this posting into a good presentation topic. I've been plotting on entering this for SES San Jose this year, but not quite sure how yet. I guess I gotta be extra nice to Danny on the forums for the next few months. ;) - Daniel

  3. Garrett French

    Hi Daniel, I'm not typically one to criticize grammar (or spelling) issues - especially when they're out shined by the fact that you'd thought so dang much about what SEM is and can be for companies. I'd be interested to hear more about how website positioning strategy can be a presentation topic... would you present how to material, case studies or what? I think a white paper might be in order here ;) Thanks for thinking about it so much and ping me: [email protected] when you've got new posts up. G