What do Local and Mobile Users Want? Report from SMXLoMo

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In case you missed iCrossinga��s survey on mobile users which came out last Spring, Ia��ll cover the highlights as presented during todaya��s session from SMXLoMo in Denver. The other panelists had excellent insights as well, so Ia��ve integrated in to my review where I could.

So just how many mobile users are out there? Oh, just about 2.3 billion worldwide, compared to 1 billion PC users. And now we know there are a lot of people using their phones, but do they search the Internet on their phones? 22% of all mobile users search the Internet on their mobile device. Of those, 75% said they have searched for something. Who are buy prazosin Female Viagra no rx, acquire dapoxetine. these people, what do they want, and how are they finding it? Well, they are who we think they are a�� young adults 20-29, mostly male but the females represent well too, and with a fair amount of household income. And what did they want? They wanted maps or directions, weather, local information, news, entertainment, sports, and finance information.A� And then how are they finding it? They rarely type in more than three keywords or go past the second page of the SERPa��s, and prefer to use their favorite wireline engine with Google leading the way. They basically just want to mimic the way they search on their computers.

Local search intent is much of the same but just done using a geo-modifier. An important point was brought up about using geo-modifiers a�� do your research to find out if the modifier can be used in another state. For example: Canton is a city in Ohio, Georgia, and New York. I antibiotic online think this is an important point for any campaign.

Final step to determine intent is to use your analytics or zyban online what is the shelf life for cialis. paid advertising accounts to validate what they are really doing on your site.


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