What is MSN Thinking?

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I’m sure I’m not the only one watching in disbelief at how MSN is discriminating against anyone not using Internet Explorer by restricting access to their adCenter service. When I first tried to access adCenter with Firefox, it did not let me but I figured it was just a temporary problem that would be fixed shortly. Apparently, it is far from being temporary and seems to be a long-term policy to deter Firefox, Linux and even Mac users not running Internet Explorer.

A simple analysis of who the advertisers are can show that this strategy is extremely unwise. About 10% of all internet users use Firefox, which is not supported. Those numbers apply just to the general public; people advertising with search engines are usually more advanced computer users and so the numbers of people running Linux and/or using Firefox increases dramatically. That means that thousands of users will not be able to access their adCenter account from their order cardura, order zithromax. buy cialis black favorite work environment.

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This is definitely something Microsoft has to re-consider. Despite the fact that they nolvadex cheapest are the makers of Windows and Internet Explorer, their obvious discriminatory tactics might alienate a lot of potential advertisers.

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  1. Brent Franson

    Yesterday I was forced to run out of my office and find a PC to sign-up for MSN's new adCenter due to the fact that Microsoft terminated the ability for a Mac user to download Internet Explorer 6. I can’t believe that I have one more reason to loathe IE! Why is Microsoft shutting out Mac users and alternative browsers? IE is a terrible program and I find it moronic that Microsoft is ignoring all other browsers. Firefox pulled in more than 50m in profit last year; that days of IE dominating the browser market are coming to an end. It is in Microsoft’s best interests to realize the dynamic nature of the current browser market and change their evil ways.