Why Add Video Marketing To Your Online Strategy? – Part 1

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The saying a�?content is kinga�� has never been truer than it is right now. With Google on a push to refine their ranking systems and understand more clearly than ever before what makes a good website, presenting the right kind of content, in the right way can make all the difference to search engine rankings and conversion rates. Amidst the revisions to the Panda algorithm and the traditional understanding of content as being primarily about the written word, video marketing diclofenac gel online is something of a lost art.

When web publishers and search engine optimizers talk about optimizing content Female Cialis no rx, order lioresal. and improving search engine rankings, invariably the focus is on website copy, articles and news releases. We talk about writing content that engages, spend hours mulling over interesting blog post ideas, draft in experts to pen news releases and link bait articles, all in the name of the holy grail a�� page one rankings. The reality is that somewhere amongst this dedication to increasing online brand presence, video marketing should be given a second and even third thought. Studies have shown that video ads convert extremely well and some researchers even claim internet video provokes more of a reaction than TV ads do.

Case Studies Show Online Video Boosts Purchase Intent

A case study by an online video networks (Yume, ScanScout and BBE) found purchase intent amongst those watching an online video spot was 76% higher than those who hadna��t. Awareness increased by 205% and there was a 62% increase in daily sales volumes. Each of these metrics relate to 30-second video ad spots shown online, but can also be translated to longer Viagra Sublingual order videos and demonstrate the power of engagement when online video is leveraged correctly.

A second study by Nielsen posted similar results, with the research firm concluding that online ad spots had a 65% recall, compared with just 46% general recall for TV ads. Brand recall for online video advertisers was also much higher a�� 50% for online v 28% buy cialis black for TV. Crucially, online video ads also fared better in message recall measurement and likeability, in the survey of 14,000 consumers.

The proof is in the pudding of course and therea��s no denying that creating an interesting, professional video — be it an ad spot or longer piece of film — takes time, effort and budget. However, a small spend in the short term can reap big rewards in the long term with a library of multimedia content to be added to your marketing arsenal. This can be used on the website, in social media posts, sent out as part of newsletter shots, run as shorts at exhibitions and seminars, sent out on CDs for direct marketing, handed out buy atarax in the store in place of expensive print cataloguesa�� the possibilities really are endless.

What’s The SEO Perspective on Video Marketing?

From an SEO perspective, video marketing can at first glance seem to be a bit of a waste of money. The stats concerning user engagement aside, the reality is that not only do you need to buy or hire camera equipment, come up with a concept, buy the right editing software and dedicate time to learning how to put a video together (or go through a recruitment or tendering process to find a freelancer or company capable of doing the same), you do all that and then Google cana��t even access the content. prednisone canada no prescription. Right? Wrong!

While ita��s true that search engine spiders cana��t crawl through a video file, they also cana��t crawl through image viagra online files and that wouldna��t stop you investing in great quality images to go on your site. Commissioning a video marketing product is just the same and while videos dona��t have alt tags, they can have transcripts, subtitles, titles, descriptions and link bait value.


Part 2 of this post will look into video marketing and online order estrace strategies in more detail.


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