Yahoo! Publisher Network Ads Getting More Relevant

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I’ve seen webmasters on numerous forums talking about YPN ads getting more and more relevant. No wonder, the system is still in beta and improvements are made on daily basis. Yahoo! is doing a good job at improving YPN, just like they should.

This, however, left a lot of website owners who were publishing YPN ads on their sites a bit unhappy. As ads became more relevant, the amount webmasters were getting per click went down. As folks down at WebmasterWorld put it, “The YPN honeymoon is over”.

Personally, I don’t see it as a huge problem. Why wouldn’t webmasters want to show more relevant ads? It is all about relevance, because relevant ads get better click through rates. So, if you are a publisher of these ads, it is true you might start seeing profits from each click decrease, but with more relevant ads, the number of click should increase. This is, of course, very subjective because these ratios and costs per click depend on the field of the site and how well the ads are positioned.

I would even suggest making strategic positioning of your ads your biggest priority and stop worrying about every little change Yahoo! might introduce.

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