Yahoo! Welcoming Suckers For Free Stuff?

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As reported by Elinor Mills down at CNet’s Yahoo Blog, Yahoo! will be offering incentives to their email users for using their search engine. Some of the offers include:

  • No Yahoo Mail ads.
  • Unlimited Yahoo Mail storage, versus the one gigabyte now provided for free.
  • Five free music downloads a month for playing on a PC or portable MP3 player.
  • Netflix discount.
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  • Frequent flyer miles.

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Just curious what kind of people are they planning to recruit this way and how this “increase in quality traffic” is going viagra order cheap valtrex buy lady era to reflect on their advertisers…

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  1. EasyDoesIt22

    I would guess they are trying to target the late teens to 20-something age group by the looks of the offering, especially the free music downloads. That would be a huge incentive to me if I had a yahoo mail account.