Yahoo’s “Panama” Advertising Platform Is Out

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Barry Schwartz has the inside scoop on the new advertising platform from Yahoo!, code named Panama. Invitations to migrate to the new system from the old Yahoo! Search Marketing platform will begin next week. Mandatory migration will start some time after the New Year.

So what does the new interface look like? Barry has some screenshots here.

Among the new features, “Panama” promises to have faster doxycyclin cheapest ad approval, advanced geotargeting (users will be able to pick a market, a region or a city with surrounding areas), user-friendly AJAX interface, etc.

Are we looking at the AdWords killer? Probably not from the start. The platform packs some nice features, but it’s a safe bet that it will be pretty buggy once buy cipro buy Malegra FXT, purchase dapoxetine buy lasix online uk. . generic atarax launched.

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  1. I'm just stating the obvious but Y has a long way to go before they have an AdWords killer - namely, get that search market share up! :-)