You Need Video in Your Marketing Mix in 2007

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What’s stunning to me is how quietly Google added video ads… I only started reading about the Charlie Rosen Google Video clip with ads yesterday on BoingBoing and thought maybe it was a fluke because I couldn’t get the ads to show.

Loren Baker saw it today and added a screen shot of the insurance ad itself.

I mention this because of my post yesterday encouraging everyone to fire up your camcorders and start filming your information-rich sales pitches. With Google Video ads it should be even easier to make money from video the old Super P-Force no rx, buy dapoxetine online. fashioned way :)

And just wait monovel cream. until Google starts to put advertising on selected of its YouTube videos. I think there will be lots of folks capitalizing on a surge of low-cost video ads shortly, and not just indie movies using spot runner to blow up big :)

So why are you hearing about video (for the second day in a row ;) in a search marketing blog?

Search YouTube Content with Podzinger (text search INSIDE videos)
Google To Be Embedded On Samsung Phones (Google is HUNGRY to bring all data mobile, especially video)
Verizon to Launch Full-Length TV Shows on Mobile Phones (well, they’re not launching them for their health ;)

The days of video search buy atarax and mobile convergence (or even mobile search for that matter) aren’t here yet, but they’re coming quickly. If you haven’t spent at least four or five hours thinking about how you can create more business for yourself with video you’re already behind the pack people.

Video will be everywhere, buy cialis on every device we cary, and at first it will be easy as he-double-hockey-sticks to rank your videos for terms that you will find profitable, or to find low-cost inventory.

You’ve got to get on it before online entertainment giants drive up prices on antibiotic cheapest video ads and distribution by dominating the mainstream… oops you may be too late:

Apple & Cingular To Team on Phone Service: WSJ


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  1. Andrey Milyan

    Good post, Garrett. What's interesting is the format of the ad. Google seems to follow the previous studies done and has limited the ad to 15 seconds in length.

    Another thing worth noting is the fact that viewers can skip the ad. No one in the field really knows how to go about video ads. At which point will the user abandon the video? At which point should you insert the commercial break?

    As Jason Lee Miller from WebProNews points out: "there are no experts in this realm, only testers"