Your Local Business SEM Market Just Got Hotter


Hey SEM, your local small business market could be riper 400 mg metronidazole no prescription. than you thought.

Especially with this news reported by Matt McGee: Google Maps push further into regular SERPs.

In this post McGee took news from Google and offered some key zyban reviews observations that I’ll excerpt for you here:

1) “Google is trumpeting the fact that this new display now shows rating/reviews to make comparisons easier.”

Eep! Can you say online reputation monitoring services for small local businesses? Plus incetivizing customers to write positive online reviews?

(Note – this post will give no advice on how to GET small businesses to embrace marketing that merges offline and online strategies ;)

2) “Gone forever is the text-only local Onebox display.”

Now there’s a big bright map where before there were three text-based listings that looked like ads. I know Viagra Soft order that maps get ME clicking.

If this single item doesn’t get a local prospect excited then they’re not a purchase depakote, purchase clomid. prospect.

3) “[people in seattle, wa] brings up businesses and organizations with ‘people’ in the name. Even a search like [dogs in seattle, wa] becomes a business search.”

Ok – this will get fixed sooner than later, but it means that if you’re trying to increase potentially irrelevant traffic to your buy cialis local small business site then your chances have never been better ;)


You’re all pumped about pitching your local brew house on a beer-for-SEM barter? Get started with McGee’s Local Search Marketing Guide.

And then read Joe Whyte’s guide to optimizing for mobile search: Mobile Search, its future and how to optimize it. Because depending on mobile device penetration in your city, getting local businesses to rank well in mobile search will be a necessary piece of your offering. (I found Joe Whyte by reading Wall’s most valued blogs post yesterday.)

In closing today I’d like to submit to you, gentle reader, this inspiring business owner’s manifesto from QuadsZilla. It’s better than a cup of coffee.


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  2. Garrett French

    McGee has follow up showing the frustrations of the general webmaster community towards the real estate hogging by the new Google display:

  3. Really good article Garrett, BTW I am an avid reader of Search Marketing Standard. Thanks for stopping by!

    -Joe Whyte